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Professional Sanding Services in London

Wooden floors add character, warmth and beauty to any interior, providing an upscale and attractive alternative to commercial tile and carpeting. High traffic areas will eventually lose their original finish and as a result, will become discoloured and worn. This creates unsightly patches that detract from your décor. In order to address these issues, you may be in need of professional sanding services or maintenance.

Sanding removes the top layer of finish from your floors, along with any stains or blemishes that may have become ingrained over the years. After sanding away the dirty and varnished wood, we apply a sealant to protect your good-as-new floors from future wear and tear.

We will not waste your time

If you’ve got a business to run we do all that we can to minimize any inconvenience to your staff and customers. Besides that, it also applies if you have any personal matters to resolve. We can do our work in the evenings, after regular business hours, or at times that are the most convenient. If you require further information about working schedule please give us a call.

Equipment Sealants and Maintenance products we use

Our equipment, sealants and maintenance products are the best in the industry. Due to strict adherence to high standards of workmanship and customer service, we became . The recognition from a top flooring manufacturer means that we are among the best in the business.

You will love your refurbished floors, not only when we finish the job but for many years to come. Above all, we provide you with expert tips and advice on how to keep your floors looking factory-new. It’s all part of the professional sanding services when you put your trust in the specialists at Wood Floor Experts.